How to Care For Your Boiler

Published on: 13:00 2nd February 2012

In order to avoid claim repair costs on your boiler, it is essential that you maintain your boiler properly and one of the main thing that you need to do to care for your boiler it to ensure that you book your plumber for regular servicing.

Servicing on your boiler should be done every 12 months minimum and should ideally be done before the weather turns to winter to prevent breakdowns during the cold weather. Boiler servicing should be conducted by a Gas Safe registered plumber in order to ensure that the work is done safely and within the law. If you use a plumber who is not gas safe registered then you are putting yourself, your family and anyone else who resides in the property at risk.

By having your boiler serviced annually, you will be ensuring that your boiler and central heating system working to their maximum efficiency which could also save you money on utility bills. You can help to maintain your boiler yourself by ensuring that it is kept clean and dust free, and by maintaining all other parts of your central heating system. To read more about boiler maintenance and care follow the link in the first paragraph.

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